Skin treatments – products cosmetologists use

For some people having a perfect, flawless skin requires hard work and discipline. I am one of those people.

My sensitive, sometimes dry, acne-prone skin is giving me a hard time if I change something in my routine or if I neglect it. Yet having a solid skincare routine is not enough! Our skin needs professional help at least four times a year, as the season changes.


Since skin types are not all the same, the treatments and procedures differ from person to person. However, finding a good cosmetologist is crucial and the products he or she chooses will tell you everything you need to know.

I am lucky to have the most amazing cosmetologist, we met some years ago and I was super happy with the results I saw after my first facial treatment so I started going there regularly.


The last time I went there I informed Alina (my cosmetologist) that I am starting my own skincare blog, that I became very picky with the products I put on my face and therefore I need to know more about the products she is working with.

I never saw more excitement in her eyes before. She is a skincare addict, obsessed with the products she uses. So of course she was more than happy to let me take a look at the products and read the ingredients… meanwhile I was thrilled to see how qualitative are the ingredients and the products she chooses to apply on her customers.


At the end of my session, Alina started swapping the creams and took time to tell me about each product she used on my face. Of course, I had places to go and she had other clients waiting so time was limited. I was especially interested in the two masks she used before and at the end of the treatment.





  1. Exfo Mask Exfoliating from Bioline


My skin was so dry and sensitive that Alina decided not to use the steam this time, instead she used this mask to help with the extract.

I never had a facial before without having my face properly steamed, so believe me when I say I was sceptical that my blackheads or whiteheads will be properly extracted.

This mask however not only prepared the skin for the extraction, but also helped healing my irritated skin.

Being rich in enzymes, this mask works by penetrating your skin’s upper layer, cleaning and gently exfoliating it.

The active ingredients in this mask are Papaya and pineapple, which are both rich ingredients for exfoliating dead skin, moisturizing the skin and even healing burns or cuts.



  1. The Normalizing Mask from Bioline

PURA Normalizzante Maschera pack 20ml_1.jpg

Alina uses this mask for combination, impure and oily skin. With its anti-inflamatory properties, this mask promise to balance, rejuvenate and calm your skin, leaving it smooth and glowy.


Now I am eager to hear your stories. How often do you get a facial treatment? Are you familiar the products your cosmetologist or aesthetician use?