Sheet mask paradise

Those who know me, also know that I am an absolute fanatic when it comes to sheet masks and Korean Skincare. I really feel that they work efficiently and can transform our skin in such a fast way…

Just tap on and treat yourself!


Why a sheet mask

A sheet mask is a pre-cut fabric mask (cotton or fiber) fully soaked with serums, nutritious vitamins and other beneficial ingredients for your skin.

They can generally be used only once and what I love about them is that each sheet mask targets a different skin problem. Is your face dehydrated? no problem… use a hydrating sheet mask, bring back your glow with a brightening mask or clear your pores with a bubble or mud mask.

These masks are highly efficient. Why? Because the sheet itself creates a seal on your skin, preventing any of the mask’s nourishing ingredients from evaporating and helping them penetrate deep into the skin.


Sheet masks versus Traditional Masks

People often say a sheet mask will never replace a traditional mask. I agree to some extent on this, a sheet mask won’t be able to exfoliate your skin – that is true, but some of them can do a pretty good job cleaning your pores. My absolutely can’t live without skin cleaning product is the Porecting Solution – Bubbling Charcoal Sheet Mask from Dr. Jart+. I honestly feel nothing will purify my pores better. This is my absolutely emergency go-to-product in case my skin starts breaking out.

Sheet masks also never dry out your skin. If you compare a cleaning sheet mask to a normal, traditional or even peel off cleaning mask, you’ll notice that your skin will be hydrated even after using the craziest bubble sheet mask.


Lazy – travel girl issues solved

I usually put a mask on after the day ends… there is something about them that just makes me feel calm.

I just curl up in my bed with a good book by my side or a movie and simply leave the world behind. Sometimes my energy level will get so low that I won’t even bother getting up, not even if the world ends, and that’s why I love sheet masks so much, there is no messy clean-up necessary when done, I just take it off and put it on the nightstand!

Okay… I am going to admit it, I sometimes fall asleep with one on my face…

The sheet masks are really convenient when travelling… forget flight anxiety, pack them in your hand luggage and use them up in the air.

All that being said… let me know if you also prefer sheet masks over traditional masks and if you have any “can’t live without”. 🙂